La référence en recouvrement

When carpets from Istanbul fly off to Lisbon

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14 May 2015

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Oriental rugs always appeal, reminiscent of the perfumes of Isfahan. The beautiful motifs, colours of the yarns, the dexterity of the craftsmen…

How could one resist so much imagination and style?
A Portuguese company, concerned with the quality and originality of these carpets, contacted a Turkish exporter and ordered several dozen for a total of around €12,000…

The carpets flew off, but the invoices remained…unpaid.

After receiving a down-payment in accordance with the contract and after shipping the goods, the exporter waited on the banks of the Bosphorus for the remainder to be paid. He waited many months…in vain.

Between the domes of the Topkapı Palace and the shores of the River Tagus, Cabinet d’Ormane entered the fray.
Faced with the debtor’s silence, Cabinet d’Ormane, an expert in international transactions and abreast of Turkish and Portuguese regulations, launched a recovery process combining an energetic reminder of the law with the threat of legal proceedings. With supporting evidence.

The result: the debtor paid the sums due in 10 instalments.

The successful approach:

Cabinet d’Ormane obtained payment of the debts according to a schedule accepted by the Portuguese debtor.
Satisfied by the speed and efficiency of the agency’s actions, the Turkish customer entrusted it with another international case a short time afterwards, which was also concluded by the payment of the debts due in 3 months.

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