La référence en recouvrement

In the land of tulips, nuts that make a noise!

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14 May 2015

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Imagine gaufrettes with a double helping of nuts or pear and chocolate crumble with almonds, or even a verrine coated with cashew… All these desserts make gourmets happy… A treat for the palette, but not for one of our Dutch clients which exports a full range of nuts, sold to French company C.

• An outstanding amount of EUR 28,750

The Dutch factory had been claiming from the French wholesaler for several months the amount of EUR 28,750 for several deliveries of nuts that were still unpaid. Procrastinating answers from the debtor, or more often no answer at all. The wholesaler perhaps thought that the distance would reduce the risk of something being done about it, and thereby allow it to spin out payment indefinitely.

• Reaction of the exporter: call in Ormane

Replying to an email request for information, the Dutch company on 26 October sent us a collections file detailing the dispute, together with proofs of the outstanding amount. Upon receipt of the material, Ormane immediately contacted the debtor, urging it, supported by proof, to settle its debt quickly, under threat of more forceful actions.

• Conclusion:

payment of the amount due on 20 November
Less than a month after the request by its Dutch client, Ormane obtained full payment of the EUR 28,750, thereby saving it a long legal action.
A result up to the standards of effectiveness and speed of involvement by Ormane.

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