La référence en recouvrement

For Cabinet d’Ormane, there are no borders when recovering your debts

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14 May 2015

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The legal administration of a European country cannot manage to collect basic fees and legal costs owed by people working across the border, living in France.

Despite many reminders and recorded delivery letters, nothing has been done. The workers benefit from their border situation and hope to “tire” the administration out, relying on its apparent inefficiency, slowness, ignorance of recovery rules and even the cost of the procedure.


The debt due is for legal aid for tax
After receiving legal aid, the workers refuse to pay the legal costs caused by their own recourse to the courts. The debtors are acting in bad faith and with a total absence of recognition.
Quick collection of the debt by Cabinet d’Ormane
Border or no border, Cabinet d’Ormane collects the debts using its excellent knowledge of European payment procedures and its ability to adapt, in particular, to this kind of dossier.


From legal mysteries to debt recovery
Cabinet d’Ormane knows all international legal procedures, and this accelerates recovery of all debts owed by French debtors to foreign companies and organisations.

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