La référence en recouvrement

An ordinary day of debt collecting in the life of Cabinet d’Ormane.

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14 May 2015

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Collecting unpaid debts for our clients from the world over on an everyday basis, carrying out all the operations necessary, from out of court settlements through to implementation of court decisions, such is the permanent activity of Cabinet d’Ormane. A few examples:

1. Scarpe chiare*

In February we received two files from an Italian shoe manufacturer. He was claiming payment of two invoices amounting to about €8000 from one of his French customers. We took immediate action: a first formal notice to pay was sent, followed by a telephone call, by which we gained informed regarding the customer’s financial difficulties.
We therefore suggested a payment plan in three monthly payments, which was accepted and paid off by the debtor in June and July 2011.

2. Grüßen mit einem deutschen Hut*

A German hats and caps manufacturer asked us to collect several unpaid debts of €600 each from customers located in Savoie.
Of the six files, four are already being paid. The reason for our success? We understood the seasonal nature of the activities of these debtors and we took action in consequence.

3. So beautiful bras!*

For the past 11 years we have been dealing with the unpaid debts of an English lingerie manufacturer, of about €500 each. Thanks to regular monitoring of his files, our client has been able to reduce significantly the amount of his net customer receivables.
So that’s our life here at Cabinet d’Ormane, where we have been dealing with debt collection files for over 50 years. From the simplest to the most complex with one result:

satisfaction for our clients who collect their unpaid debts and improve their cash flow.

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